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Army War College Starts Plagiarism Inquiry of Senator John Walsh’s Thesis
Obama Seeks to Close Loophole That Firms Use to Shield Profits Abroad
House Democrats to hammer GOP on Boehner lawsuit during August recess
Obama Scolds U.S. Corporations for Evading Taxes: 'I Don't Care If It's Legal, It's Wrong'
Obamacare Has Helped Americans Save Nearly $2 Billion on Their Insurance Premiums

• Page Six: David Gregory to Be Replaced on Meet the Press
• Jon Stewart Runs Andrew Cuomo Through the Ringer Over Anti-Corruption Panel
• Maddow: GOP’s lawsuit against Obama will be a goldmine for the Democrats
• Obama Embracing Secretive Super PACs While Raising Money for Democrats
• Obama to Urge 3 Leaders to Slow Tidal Wave of Migrants
• House Panel Clears Way for Vote on Obama Lawsuit
• GOP Leads in Midterm Enthusiasm, But Gap Is Smaller Than in 2010
• Michigan Dems File Complaints Regarding GOP Contender's Campaign Contributions
• Sen. Richard Blumenthal Will Oppose Controversial Obama Nominee Michael Boggs
• Arizona lawyers lead call for inquiry into Joseph Wood's two-hour execution
• Group Conducts Mass Resignation from Mormon Church to Protest Excommunication of Kate Kelly
• EU court says CIA ran "black site" at Stare Kiejkuty
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Maryland's Republican Party Leader Questions Candidate on Hate Group That Advocates Death Squads | Analysis ►  Independents Helped David Perdue Beat Jack Kingston in the Georgia GOP Senate Primary | Chris Christie Battered By His GOP Rivals on Governors' Circuit | GA-Sen: Hank Aaron Shows Support for Democrat Michelle Nunn | Columbus Mayor to Democrats: Have Convention Here Or Lose | Gun Violence May Cost America's Most Famous Mayor His Job | Fake Democrat Gavin Newsom Is Only Lt. Governor Now, But He Can Do a Lot of Damage in the Future | GOP Congressional Candidate Posts, Then Deletes, Endorsement from Mitt Romney | Opinion ►  Ted Cruz, You Are Nixon in Cowboy Boots

Poll Finds Sam Brownback Trailing His Democratic Challenger

Chamber of Commerce Takes Down Ad Depicting GOP Candidate as Crying Baby

Koch brothers play race card in new racial gambit: What’s really behind a quiet battle with AFSCME | The Koch Brothers' Agenda and the Real War at Home

Gov. Brewer: Inmate who gasped and snorted for almost two hours before dying in botched execution "did not suffer."

Ted Cruz blocking diplomatic nominees over FAA's Israel flight ban

Can you hear us now? President Obama greeted by net neutrality activists at fundraisers

In Its Death Throes, For-Profit College Chain Spent Over $100,000 a Month on Lobbying

Rick Scott Had Stake in Company Whose 474-Mile Natural Gas Pipeline Could Run Through Florida

Low Salaries Keep Many Teachers Out of the Middle Class: Report

Court throws out Chiquita terror payment claims

No, ISIS Isn’t Ordering Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq | Rudy Giuliani Still Pretending He Didn't Completely Botch the Response to 9-11

The U.S. Wasted $34 Million TryingTo Make Soybeans Happen in Afghanistan | German politicians question whether Russia should be allowed to host 2018 World Cup | Analysis ►  MH17: Cold War Replay?

Iraq: Rise of the Gangster State – Why We Need a Better, Bolder Response to ISIS

John McCain on Botched Execution of Arizona Inmate Joseph Wood: 'That's Torture' | Analysis ►  Scalia And Company May Have Already Shown Their Hand on Obamacare Subsidies

Video Captures NYPD Punching Man in Face, Putting Him in Illegal Choke-Hold | States That Slashed Their Prison Populations Have Seen Disproportionate Drops in Crime, Too

David Gregory Stuck in Third Place as 'Meet the Press' Rumors Swirl | Right Wing Heads Explode: Thesaurus Now Lists 'Redneck' & 'Right-Winger' as Synonyms for 'Obstructionist' | Opinion ►  Bring on Mika and Joe | Washington Post's Tehran reporter and three other journalists arrested in Iran | Second casino cancels Ted Nugent shows over his ‘racist remarks’ | Televangelist Pat Robertson Misses the 'Old' Days When Parents Could Kick Out a Pregnant 'Stained Woman'

Detroit’s latest pension disgrace: a gaudy new arena at retirees’ expense | Food Stamp Program Hits Historic Low for Waste, Fox Attacks It Anyway

A Network Dedicated to Ending Gun Violence in Our Communities | Police investigate Pennsylvania gunfight between patient and doctor

The plot to destroy education | Opinion ►  To Fight for Public Schools Is to Fight for Democracy

Feds Consider Ban on Bluefin Tuna Fishing as Population Dips 95 Percent

Analysis ►  Tackling Religious Freedom in the Workplace

Police seek CA hate crime suspect who ripped hijab from Iraqi woman’s head and choked her

Conservatives think they've figured out how to talk about banning abortion

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