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Obama Authorizes Sending Additional Troops to Iraq
Al-Shabaab confirms leader was targeted in US drone strike
ISIS Claims Execution of Journalist Steven Sotloff
Where right-wing lies are born: the wingnut Web, WorldNetDaily and how conservative nonsense infects America
US attacks al-Shabaab in Somalia

• New Obamacare tax on insurance company CEOs raises $72 million
• As Ex-VA Governor McDonnell's Graft Case Goes to Jury, Judge Defines an ‘Official Action’
Analysis ►  Middle East Time Bomb: the Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia
• Russia declares NATO a major threat
• In stunning move, Alaska Democrats and independents form fusion ticket to beat Republican governor
• Detroit's creditors seek to derail historic bankruptcy trial as it begins
• Judges Express Fears Over NSA Phone Surveillance at Appeals Hearing
• Vietnam vet to Mitch McConnell: 'You failed to do' your duty
• Republican Control of Congress? 9 Races to Watch
• California orders Pacific Gas to pay $1.4bn penalty for 2010 explosion
• Mark Begich Pulls Controversial Ad About GOP Challenger Dan Sullivan
• The State Department Says Russia Is Invading Ukraine—Should We Believe It?
• Right-Wing Watchdogs Push "Bogus" EPA Map Conspiracy
• Halliburton Agrees to $1.1 Billion Settlement for BP Oil Spill
• Ukraine Cites 15,000 Russian Troops and Rebels Amid Putin's 'Take Kiev' Remark
• Ukraine: Russian forces in major rebel cities
• Putin Reportedly Says Russia Could ‘Take Kiev in 2 Weeks’
• 6 militants killed in US Somalia strike
• Ouch! Texas Judge Slams Heartland-linked Right-wing "Expert Witness" for Wasting His Time
• New ad hits McConnell for abandoning his old Kentucky home
• Politico: GOP Worried About Falling Short in Mid-Terms
• How to topple a Tea Party hero: Steve King’s Dem challenger unloads on “just how damaging” he is
• NY-11, NY-LtGov: Severe Establishment Disruption Among New York's Grubby Ruling Elite?
• Cops Rough Up Citizen Journalist for Videotaping Republicans Being Nasty
• Sovereign Citizens Duped Kids into Discovering Cops' Home Addresses
• Meet the Ronald Reagan Appointee Making Antonin Scalia's Life Very Difficult
• DNA evidence could exonerate two in North Carolina death row case

Scott Brown tries to change the subject from Obamacare | Obamacare Converts Showing Up in Unlikely Places | Christie Studies Foreign Affairs for a 2016 Test | Analysis ►  What the left must really do to defeat the wingnuts: rescue the congressional elections | Cuomo may dump Hochul, fearing a Tim Wu primary win | Why You Should Care About the NY Lt. Gov. Race

Analysis ►  Voters Are Likely to 'Keep the Bums In' Despite Low Congressional Approval

Bill Clinton to Attend Fundraiser for Michelle Nunn

Tammy Duckworth, Congresswoman Who Lost Legs in Iraq, Announces Pregnancy | Warren Says She’ll Vote for Casino Repeal | House Republicans Don't Expect a Shutdown | Rep. Peter King Joins the Ranks of Right Wingers Heaping Praise on Foreign Leaders | Opinion ►  Time for Congress to Join President Obama in Continuing America's Conservation Legacy | Non-Interventionist Rand Paul Wants to 'Destroy ISIS Militarily'

Why an 'ISIL War Tax' and a 'Russia Containment Tax' Are Necessary – Now

Analysis ►  (No) Surprise! Andrew Cuomo actively worked to undermine Democratic control of Senate | Detroit presents plans to cut debt as historic bankruptcy trial begins

Obama: 'America Deserves a Raise' | Obama Takes to Road to Push Rise in Minimum Wage | Obama Notifies Congress of Ordering Airstrikes in Iraq

Russian Bank Hires Former Senators Trent Lott, John Breaux to Lobby Against U.S. Sanctions

Pat Quinn: Chris Christie Is 'On the Wrong Track' on Minimum Wage | Analysis ►  Want to crush poverty? Here's how the government can end joblessness | Joe Biden: American Workers Don't Want a Handout, 'Just Give Them a Chance' | Spitting on the working poor: Living wage surcharges and the nickel-and-diming of America

Analysis ►  Ahmed Abdi Godane: the al-Shabaab leader targeted by air strikes | Russia to Revise Military Doctrine in Response to NATO | Iraqi prime minister pledges to root out militants | UN to send investigators to Iraq over allegations of Islamic State 'atrocities' | Analysis ►  McCain Says We Must Fight ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Have We Learned Nothing at All from the Iraq War?

Guantanamo defense attorney quits, says case is “stacked” | Analysis ►  ISIS: Barbaric throwbacks to over a thousand years ago: | ISIS Hostage David Cawthorne Haines Does Security Work for Aid Groups | How America Made ISIS | Man of God Huckabee Hates Regulations on Fronts for Money Laundering, Terrorists | Analysis ►  Washington Created its Own Worst Nightmare – but it Could Still Create Something Worse

US calls for North Korea to free three detained Americans | Britain 'Deplores' Israel Decision to Claim West Bank Land | US calls for North Korea to free three detained Americans

What You Should Know About the ‘Soft Coup’ Unfolding in Pakistan

Scalia Once Pushed Death Penalty for Now-Exonerated Inmate Henry Lee McCollum | There's "Trouble with Amicus Briefs" at the Supreme Court – notably an increased reliance on "facts" that aren't | Preview ►  7th Circuit's Turn to Hear Same-Sex Marriage Case

Fundraising efforts for officer that shot Brown top $400,000, but where's the money going? | Ferguson Cops Start Wearing Body Cameras | Ok, we're officially a depraved, paranoid society | Analysis ►  Too Little Too Late: Ferguson Police Now Wearing Body Cameras | FBI Addressing Leak of Nude Celebrity Photos

Man Who Defrauded EPA Calls EPA 'Fraudulent' on FOX

Scott Brown Says Out-of-State Voters Should Come to N.H. Anyway to Vote for Him | The Dumb Line in New York’s Constitution That Could Elect a Governor Most of the State Doesn’t Want

Analysis ►  While conservatives love to beat up on the SNAP food stamp program, there's an awkward little fact that might horrify them

New York: Bank didn't lend to blacks in Buffalo | U.S. Solar Manufacturer Wants Tariffs on the Chinese as Punishment for Cyber-Attacks | Home Depot investigating possible breach by hackers hunting credit cards | Eric Cantor to Join Investment Bank Moelis & Co. as Vice Chairman And Managing Director

Armed Open Carry activists crash Ohio anti-gun violence rally and harass protesters | Officials: 9-Year-Old Girl Who Killed Instructor Said Uzi Was Too Powerful

How bad was Michael Brown's school? | Boy Sent Home from School Because His Hair Was 'Too Long'

Obamacare Won't Be Repealed Until at Least 2017, Koch-Backed Group Privately Admits | Dispatch from Liberia: An Epidemic of Fear

Private Prison Stocks Soar as Companies Cash in on Incarcerated Immigrants | 16 Reasons Why Opening Our Borders Makes More Sense Than Militarizing Them

Apple blames 'very targeted attack' for hack of nude celebrity photos

Watch this! ►  Texas pastor demands public library ‘purge’ vampire books: I think it’s dangerous for kids

Ferguson isn’t about black rage against cops. It’s white rage against progress | Ted Cruz's Dad: 'The Average Black Does Not' Understand the Minimum Wage Is Bad

School District Cuts Ties with Gordon College Over Anti-Gay Request

Abortion Rights Aren’t Safe in the South | University of Kansas Considered Community Service Too 'Punitive' for Rape Punishment

Republicans whine as Obama and Biden rally with workers for Labor Day

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