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Covert Inquiry by F.B.I. Rattles 9/11 Tribunals
Chris Christie's $300m Pension Proposal Broke State Anti-Corruption Laws
Researchers Tie Almost 100 Recent Murders to White Nationalist Site Stormfront

• Reaganomics killed America’s middle class
Analysis ►  There's a reason why overwhelming evidence hasn't spurred public action against global warming
• Study shines light on the disturbing oligarchic tendencies of Congress
• Neo-Birchers: It's Almost 1960 All Over Again, But Where Is Their "Silent Majority"?
• Stealth sellout to developers and nature rapists: Western lawmakers gather in Utah to talk federal land takeover
• Rand Paul wants to know when U.S. economy last created millions of jobs. Here's the answer.
Analysis ►  DC 's Conservative Consensus Has Us on the Road to Patrimonial Capitalism
Analysis ►  The Dishonorable Andrew Cuomo Meets the Hedge Fund / Charter School Zombies
• New Jersey Woman Sues Over '8THEIST' License Plate
• State Department to Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Decision After November 2014
• MORE: Mayor Who Fired Lesbian Police Chief Caught on Tape in Homophobic Tirade
• US freeing Iran funds as Tehran cuts uranium stockpile
• Danish media: Rasmussen had a recorder when he met with Putin in '02
• VA Governor McAuliffe Will Automatically Restore Voting Rights for All Virginians with a Drug Record
• CIA torture architect breaks silence to defend 'enhanced interrogation'

Analysis ►  GOP's Old Ploy: Tag President Obama as the Race Baiter

Analysis ►  MI-Gov, OH-Gov, PA-Gov, WI-Gov: What Democrats Must Do to Win in November | There Is An Epidemic of Republicans Plagiarizing from Rand Paul | Watch this! ►  SD-Sen: Democrat Rick Weiland Channels Johnny Cash, George McGovern And Elizabeth Warren | WI-Gov: Little-Known Democrat Tries to Unseat Scott Walker | RNC: We're Not Moving on from ObamaCare | ROFL ►  GOP Candidate Says He Donated to Pro-Obamacare Democrat to Defeat Nonexistent Health Law

Republicans marginalized again in poll about income inequality

Elizabeth Warren Book Is a Liberal Call to Arms That Rips Tea Party 'Magical Thinking' | Analysis ►  Who is Eric Cantor's intellectual mentor? Ayn Rand? Milton Friedman? Nope. It's the Queen of mean, Ann Coulter

NC-Sen: Teawing candidate Greg Brannon is what's wrong with the Republican Party

Watch this! ►  Nevada Republican defends Cliven Bundy but calls immigrants ‘terrorists’ | South Carolina Mayor with a History of Anti-Gay Remarks Fires City’s First Openly Gay Police Chief

And So It Begins: 'Chelsea's Pregnancy Was a Forced Hillary Campaign Ploy'

Illinois Agency Sticks Up for the Long-Term Unemployed

Is Bulgaria Next for Putin? Should You Care?

Kremlin Threatens New Sanctions, Says U.S. Treating Russia Like 'Guilty Schoolboy'

Analysis ►  Amanda Marcotte has figured out why the rightosphere loves militia rancher Cliven Bundy | Big 'Duck Dynasty' music and faith jamboree cancelled due to low ticket sales | Good News for Obamacare Is Bad News for Conservative Pundits | Watch this! ►  David Letterman’s Anti-Fracking Rant Reminds Us of His Uniqueness | WSJ Sold on Ineffective And Potentially Unconstitutional Surveillance of American Muslims

Fox Champions Bundy Supporters Who Threatened Violence Against Federal Agents | Fox guest: Promoting church-state separation at Easter is exactly like carrying ‘God Hates F*gs’ sign | Watch this! ►  Outrageous Tea Party Bigot Allen West Attacks Muslim-Americans on Fox News | More on the Fox Effect, Bigot Cultivation Edition | Greta Van Susteren Fires Back at Jay Carney Over Fox News Comments

Limbaugh, Right-Wing Pundits Try to Blame Max Blumenthal for Kansas Rampage

Analysis ►  You'd just better hope that wealthy elites want the same things you want

Analysis ►  The Best Monetary Policy Is Strict Financial Regulation

Analysis ►  Praying for Waco Is Not a Metaphor: the other Roger Ailes and Rachel Maddow on Nevada's high-profile gun nuts | Analysis ►  Cliven Bundy’s ailing America: What a wingnut rancher’s rise says about our waning democracy | Analysis ►  Guns Make Domestic Violence Deadlier

Gil Voigt, Ohio Teacher, Fired After Telling Student 'We Don't Need Another Black President' | Something About This Michelle Obama Graduation Speech Has Parents Angry | "Drunken frat boy rapist" business model creates problems for Dartmouth

Half of Jailed NYC Youths Have Brain Injury | Bill Clinton Sought GOP Support for Health Care

Oregon Sheriffs Limit Detention of Immigrants

Connecticut Takes a Step Closer to Keep Fracking Wastewater Out of the State

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