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Melinda Pillsbury-Foster talks with APJ's editor-in-chief Gene Gaudette about Neocon Sociopathy, the John Fund debacle and the future of Congress

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Hot Headlines, January 2007

Hillary runs for the White House as "new Thatcher"
Maybe it’s because they do nothing but bad-mouth her: Sen. Clinton bypasses old media, announce prez run online
HOT POLITICS -- California Considers Moving Primary to February | GOP hides from Iraq albatross: At the party’s winter meeting not even Tony Snow’ pep talks could chase the fear that an unpopular war could doom the party in 2008 | How Have Presidential Contenders Engaged the Netroots? | Poll: Nearly half want Democrat in Oval Office next time around; More than half think Bush is neither honest mor ethical | Empowered crazies are already doing their best to smear Obama | A brigade of 3200 additional US soldiers arrive to Baghdad | Bush Getting 2nd Chance to Fail to Defend Plan | Soros backs Obama | Bush’s next big move in Iraq: four bad options, and he took the worst chioce | Bush"s approval ratings reach even new lows | Sam Brownback Stakes the Shrinking Religious Right for Presidential Bid | A top Democratic donor has an insider’s view of the behind-the-scenes fundraising battle between Obama and Clinton | Hard right-wing Sen. Brownback announces prez run | College Freshmen on Politics
QWAGMIRE -- Bush Team’s Tone Toward Iraq Suggests Desperation As Increasingly Independent Maliki Calls the Shots | Iraq hospital conditions are a breach of Geneva conventions | The back story leading up to the helicopter "crash" near Diyala, Iraq that killed 13 US troops | Bomb Explodes On Baghdad Bus; 6 Dead | Pakistan orders two mosques demolished as security threat | Check Out Real Stories from Deploying Soldiers | 5 US soldiers were killed by Iraqi militia in Kerbala | 13 Killed In US Helicopter Crash Outside Baghdad
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- The political media can and will say anything about the Clintons | Official Conservative Narrative® of Hillary Clinton’s candidacy takes shape | The LA Times sinks lower
TRAITORGATE -- Traitorgate trial may be slowed by legal disputes about Iraq war
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- One soldier killed, 7 wounded in Abu Sayyaf attack in Philippines | Car bomb recovered in southern Philippines
BORDER BUNGLES -- Nearly 40 "Illegal Aliens" (are they 100% sure?) Arrested on Military Bases
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- NY Times’s Nick Kristof harshes Bush, Cheney for hanging up on Tehran | Condi Rice is completely oblivious to reality | Gov. Brian Schweitzer (D-MT) takes Bush to task for strategy in Middle East | Abbas in Syria for talks on ending Palestinian infighting
TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION -- George W. Bush breaks pledge, now wants to raise your taxes if your company is paying for your health insurance | Rep. Charles Rangel Carpet-bombs Bush SOTU tax scam: "This proposal is inconsistent with what the majority is seeking in the House and the Senate" | New tax law still lets you write off church donations -- but now you have to prove how much you gave
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- Experts Say New Orleans May Stay At Half Its Pre-Katrina Size
OH, GOD! -- Sundance Film Depicts Anti-gay Bible Interpretation As a Modern Invention
RACISM IN THE USA -- Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Bigot) strikes again
HEALTH DEBACLES -- As Bush Celebrates "Sanctity Of Human Life Day," NIH Official Says Bush’s "Culture of Death" Stem Cell Policy Is Blocking Cures
TRASHING NATURE -- The Decider Vs. The Enabler

• Sen. Hillary Clinton Makes It Official, Announces Exploratory Committee
Hillary Joins Obama, Edwards, Dodd, Vilsack, Kucinich, Biden in 2008 Dem Nod Race | The Most Diverse Political Field Ever | Sen. Clinton: "I have never been afraid to stand up for what I believe in or to face down the Republican machine... I know how Washington Republicans think, how they operate, and how to beat them"
• Sen. Jay Rockefeller comes remarkably close to questioning Bush's competence in the international arena
• Ex-Condi Rice speechwriter: She doesn't have vaguest notion of Middle East history
Condi Rice, cunning linguist... not!
• Democrats demand Gonzales appear at wiretap hearing
Domestic Spying: Stand With Sheriff Andy Taylor | Habeas dorkus: Why does Abu Gonzales hate America's Constitution?
• Harry Reid throws down gauntlet on Iran: "The President does not have the authority to launch military action in Iran without first seeking congressional authorization"
US war plans envision all-out, no-holds-barred war with Iran...
TRAITORGATE -- Libby's Memory Defense Highlights His Failures on National Security | David Shuster with great moments in jury selection
HOT POLITICS -- Fritz Mondale Unveils Revolutionary "New" Concept of Governance: tell the truth, obey the law, keep the peace | Bush's Iraq plan is falling apart already | Mondale: Cheney cooks up lousy advice | Texas Democrats in Washington give Gov. Rick Perry a rigorous red-assing over his redistricting scheme that cost the state power positions in DC | Joe Lieberman (DINO-CT) Says He Will Filibuster With Republicans | The 50 most loathsome people of 2006: lots of politicos and pundits | Exclusive: House Blue Dog Democrats will likely split with party over Iraq | As usual, Republicans can dish it out -- but they can't take it | Sen. Brownback Aims to Woo Conservatives | Vilsack Argues for Iraq Troop Withdrawal | Mitt Romney should just give the whole Prez campaign up now | Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) Begins Physical Therapy | Bill Richardson To Join 2008 Race | Potential Republican Presidential Candidates Were Largely Absent At RNC Winter Gathering | Changing of the guard at the top of the party: Compare and contrast | Priceless; Great moment from Terry McAuliffe's new book | Former VP Mondale Criticizes Cheney | DLC = Democratic Losers Club | Thanks, Ken, for all your work | Friend: Bitter Cheney lashing out at a Washington that is "all BS," full of "suffering fools"
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- An end to "bundled" political contributions by lobbyists may be in sight | Blast from the past: Bush Administration Pushed Out Lead Prosecutor On Abramoff Case | Ex Rep. Bob Ney (R-Guilty) Gets Longest Sentence in Abramoff History For Now -- 30 Months | Taxpayer welfare to Big Oil is going, going...almost gone | What? C'mon, Harry! Senate Ethics bargain may jeopardize minimum wage increase | NJ: Ex-Official Beefs up Legal Team | Columnist: Prosecutor Purge is to Fatten GOP Resumes | Do Home-State Picks Mean White House Won't Play Politics with U.S. Attys? | House Overhauls Page Program
QWAGMIRE -- Battle Of Sadr City About To Begin | Three years ago, it was called un-American -- but now this moving antiwar protest in small-town America has been embraced by the community | FBI details threat from gangs in military, says members of Illinois biker gangs are in Iraq | ... but Reid and Pelosi stand between Bush and Iran | White House attacks Speaker Pelosi's pointed and accurate critique of Bush's unilateralist move to send our kids to the Iraq meat grinder | Top Aide Of Radical Cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Arrested By Iraqi, US Forces | Car bomb wounds five NATO soldiers in southern Afghanistan | Former Bush Iraq Chief L. Paul Bremer to Face Inspector General Nemesis? | Shiite militia leader, self-styled "Al Qaeda®" leader captured in Iraq | Saddam's former deputy not hiding in Yemen, says official | Gen Casey Makes Timeline Prediction: Extra Troops Could Begin Leaving By Summer
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Bill Kristol and Fred Kagan play Neocon war games in print | A Double Dip Smear | Right-wing media figures claim Clinton behind Obama/Muslim smears | ABC Falsely Claims Pelosi Opposes Cutting Funds For Iraq Escalation | White House Correspondents Association calls Rich Little a liar -- we, too, believe Rich Little | WaPo's Jonathan Weisman has questions about John Solomon's hit piece on John edwards | Evidence builds that John Solomon's questionable WaPo story that questions John Edwards' sale of his Georgetown home is bogus | Dinesh D'Souza writes to Jesus' General | CNN uncritically reported Gonzales's defense of sending suspect to country that tortured him | Anderson Cooper Signs Multi-Year Deal With CNN, Ending Speculation That He Will Move To CBS | CNN's Dana Bash claimed Dems oppose troop increases to please party's "left wing" | Michael "Savage" Wiener: British "soccer thug[s]" who defeated Hitler have been "beaten down by the lesbian/homosexual mafia" | The Case Of The Purloined Microwave | Disputed even by a Republican, Wolf Blitzer persisted in suggesting that Dems' 100 Hours Agenda was a stunt | Media outlets respond to Morris retraction -- or don't
FOX WATCH -- O'Reilly on Media Matters: "a far-left swamp pit ... that just attacks people with whom they disagree" | Barack Obama smeared by FOX-Stupid bobbleheads as former "madrassa" student, possible covert Islamic extremist
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Saudi authorities foil weapons smuggling bid | US forensic experts confirm corpse was Abu Sayyaf chieftain
FAULTY INTELLIGENCE -- Negroponte claims domestic spy program was critical
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Earth to Bob Gates: We have leverage over Iran | Pakistan Prez Musharraf starts Middle East tour | N. Korea: Deal Reached in U.S. Nuke Talks | Talks about North Korea conflict to continue soon
$MIRKONOMICS -- The Economic Cost of War
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Wow! Ford's US chief dumps private jet to save jobs | Their business is death, and business is good: General Electric earns 20.7 billion dollars in 2006
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- Michael Brown: Party politics played role in Katrina response
JUSTICE WATCH -- Senator: WH Will Seek Hill OK for New U.S. Attorney
OH, GOD! -- Politics and society: Dealing with religious extremism
MORALITY MORONICS -- Regressive CA parents in a snit as one lawmaker's plan to outlaw the most pervasive form of child abuse, hitting and spanking children under 4, gains traction
WEIRD SCIENCE -- Whiny Republicans claim weather expert calling for decertifying global warming skeptics
TRASHING NATURE -- Top US Corporations Call For Swift Federal Action On Global Warming

• The House wrapped up the Democrats’ "100 Hours" legislative sprint Thursday in 42 hours, 15 minutes
You want efficient government? Elect Democrats. | Senate Passes Far-reaching Ethics Bill That Would Have Been Even More Far Reaching But For GOP Obstructionism
• Gonzales Testimony Aftermath: No answers on FISA ruling, more questions than ever, and the smell of corruption at DoJ
• Senators Grill Atty. General On New Spy Plan
NY Times editorial deems Bush warrantless surveillance scandal a Constitutional crisis | Must-see TV! Senate judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy Slams Smug Attorney General Torquemada Gonzalez Over Torture | FISA Court Judge Favors Release of NSA Order | Wiretap hearings: Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Keyboards, backing vocals) opens his yap about The Grave and Epic War; Feingold smacks Abu Gonzales around | Warrantless Wiretapping Still? | Is there a plan to privatize a National ID program? | Bottom line: FISA court judge wants NSA order shared with Congress | Panel Grills Gonzales Over Spy Program | Dems to AG: How Many Prosecutors Have You Pushed Out? | FISA Announcement: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know | Dems to Press AG Abu Gonzales on Dismissals
• Judge Postpones Start Of Libby Trial After Prolonged Jury Selection; Fitzgerald Beats Back Defense Jury Selection Tactics
Traitorgate Trial Day 3: Jury Selection Going Very Slowly
• Scoobie Davis: Democrats Are Being played for Chumps by Amway, Sun Myung Moon
• Krugman nails it: The Bush administration fears legal trouble and is trying to protect itself by purging independent-minded prosecutors
Another Reason to Impeach Bush" When DoJ Lawyers Prosecute Republicans, They Lose Their Job -- Even If They Are Republican! | Ex-Ohio Congressman Bob Ney (R-Guilty) Faces Sentencing | Conservative activist Richard Viguerie relieved ethics bill may be dead | Kerry Calls for Probe of Pentagon Sales | Impeach Gonzales | Bob Ney: Victim of the Man? | GAO Chief: Pentagon Stonewalling Release Of Iraqi Troop Preparedness Data | Prepare for the attempted Swiftboating of Hillary | Ex-Interior Official, Abramoff Investigation Target, Leaves Lobbying Firm | Flip-flopper: McCain Flips on Reform Bill | NM state legislator seeks Bush impeachment | Senate Republicans have filibustered ethics reform | Lockheed, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: Corruption and war Profiteering | Aide: Bob Ney Loved the Smell of Bud Light in the Morning | McCain Flip-Flops On Lobbying Reform, Caves To Pressure From Religious Right
NY Times: Iran president Ahmadinejad is being read the riot act from within, told to shut his piehole about nuclear politicking
• Conservatives Freak Out At Possibility Fairness Doctrine Could Be Revived
• New Pentagon detainee manual could lead to executions based on hearsay evidence
US marine to plead guilty for Iraq killing; anti-war case starts
HOT POLITICS -- How it’s done: Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY), Chairwoman of the House Rules Committee, tells off Republican whiners | Top Republican Calls for Date Ra... er, Bipartisanship | Stuart Rothenberg: Rudy Giuliani cannot win | Black leaders still sizing up Obama | It’s official: Pelosi Creates Global Warming Committee | Speaker Pelosi: House Dems Will Support Resolution Opposing Bush’s Troop Increase | GOP Ex-Rep. Jim Nussle shows gratitude (not) | Desperate framing: Republicans against Bush plan still prefer the word "surge" over "escalation" | State legislators urged to pass resolutions against escalation | GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine - she’s just not Olympia | MoveOn takes on McCain | Poll: Support For 2008 War Candidate McCain In NH Has Collapsed
QWAGMIRE -- Former Air America staffer working to train Iraqis in the nuts and bolts of democracy murdered in Baghdad | Report: US launches force to block Iranian influence in Iraq | BBC: Cheney Nixed Iranian Overtures to Help Stabilize Iraq in 2003 | Retired Generals Slam Bush’s Iraq Plan: "Too Little And Too Late"... "A Fool’s Errand" | White House stung by Iraqi PM Maliki’s criticism | Iraqi PM: Rice statements "give morale boosts for terrorists" | 414 Members Of Congress Go On The Record About Escalation | Congress Searches For Iraq Solutions: Hearing Testimony From Retired Generals, Defense Department Officials Today | More Tony Snow Silliness: White House PR Flack Claimed Things Were "Going Okay" In Iraq A Year Ago, No One Could Have Anticipated "Eruption Of Sectarian Violence" | Bush Iraq escalation is no "Hail Mary" | China Conducts Secret Weapon Test In Space | Ex-terror chief: Iraq Escalation only delays inevitable chaos | Al Gore was right about Iraq -- and the wingnutosphere was wrong
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- White House Correspondents Association tells Rich Little not to make fun of the president, or Iraq | Did PBS’s Jim Lehrer and CBS’s Scott Pelley agree not to challenge Bush with follow-up questions? | Wingnut welfare pays! | Dennis Kucinich Wants To Put The Fairness Doctrine Back On The Table | Art Buchwald, 1925-2007 | Meet The F$#@ing Press: HBO Wants To Take Over Sunday Morning -- and Steal Newsweek’s Name | Coulter: Iraq is like Los Angele | Moonie Times and others repeated Dick Morris’s Obama falsehood despite Morris’s acknowledgment of error | Moonie Times advanced false suggestion that Pelosi got campaign cash from Del Monte
FOX WATCH -- "Papa Bear" O’Reilly on the Colbert Report | Stephen Colbert on the O’Reilly Factor | Bill O’Reilly lies to critic of comments about abducted child: "I made no awful remarks, madam -- just asked questions" | Brit Hume declared Scooter Libby "not responsible" for Plame leak | John Gibson is just plain FOX stupid on Obama and smoking
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Inclusiveness of American society may be stopping radical Islam’s spread in US, intelligence officials said Thursday
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Chinese deny participation in outer space arms race | US to recognize Hamas government if conditions accepted | Jordan to seek civilian nuclear energy program next
OPERATION YELLOW ELEPHANT! -- GWU College Republicans at Walter Reed: Real Americans Push Back
WHAT A RUSH! -- Maybe Racist Limbaugh does have a case of pen!s envy...
$MIRKONOMICS -- Fed Chair Bernanke Warns Of Fiscal Crisis | US consumer prices rise, inflation 2.5 per cent
ELECTION THEFTS -- Prosecutor: Elections officials in Ohio county rigged 2004 presidential recount to avoid work
RACISM IN THE USA -- Ivy League Bigots: The Princetonian is not funny -- but it is plenty racist! | Ann Coulter projects her own bigotry onto Democrats again, this time on Obama"s popularity: Democrats, she claims, are "stunned" that a "black man can walk and talk"
ENERGY SCANDALS -- US House cuts oil tax breaks, closes loophole
HEALTH DEBACLES -- The Not-So-Middle Ground For Stem Cells: When Religionists Try to Spin Science | Ideas For Uncle Sam, From Private Sector, On Health Insurance -- (You Guessed It, Anything But One-payer) | Culture of death: George W. Bush has slashed funding for cancer research
TRASHING NATURE -- Global CO2 rose rapidly last year | Sen. James Inhofe (R-Idiot) vs. The Weather Channel

• First 100 Hours: Senate Agrees On Resolution Opposing Bush's Iraq Troop Increase
Iraq resolution exposes GOP divisions | Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE): "This is not a monarchy" | Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) Joins Hagel, Dems On Resolution Opposing Sending More Troops To Iraq
• Washington snubbed Iran offer in 2003
• They are addicted to corruption: Senate Republicans use poison pill to derail ethics reform
• Pentagon official Cully Stimpson apologizes for questioning patriotism of pro-bono litigators for Gitmo detainees
• Traitorgate Trial, Day 2: Cheney's Credibility Has Emerged As A Key Jury Selection Issue
... and the dude also once shared a cab with George Stephanoupolos. Did he tell you that too? No? | Investor's Business Daily: Valerie Plame is a Lying Stripper-Whore | Traitorgate civil suit plaintiffs Valerie Plame and Joseph Wilson: Cheney has no right to hide behind immunity | Traitorgate Trial, Day 2: It's a Small World After All | Traitorgate Trial, Day 2: Judy Miller's Ghost | Traitorgate Trial, Day 2: Past the Halftime Break
HOT POLITICS -- First 100 Hours: 5 Down, 1 to Go on House Democrats' Agenda | First 100 Hours: House to Vote Student Loan Interest Reduction | First 100 Hours; Senate Readies Anti-War Resolution | Beyond the First 100 Hours: Dems Determined To Pass Serious Global Warming Bills | First 100 Hours: House Passes Bill To Cut Interest Rates On Student Loans | What Does Rick Santorum (R-Loser) Say To Criticism Of Bush "Not Listening To The People, Not Listening To Congress"? "Good For Him" | Al Franken seeking advice for possible 2008 Senate bid | CA-11: McNerney already a target | Bush FISA flip-flop: nothing to celebrate | Bush more worried about messages than the Iraq war
QWAGMIRE -- How times change: Congressman Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones (R-NC3) calls for halt on Iran strike | White House Scrambles To Stop More Republicans From Joining Resolution Against Bush's Iraq Plan | GOP Reps Are Eager To Agree With Madeleine Albright's Iraq Testimony Before House Foreign Relations Committee | Conservatives not buying Bush's escalation plan | Defense Spending Chair Rep. Murtha On Iraq: "We Have To Get Out" | Now this might actually make some sense: Bob Gates is considering troop increase in Afghanistan | Troops uncertain about success in Iraq | NATO chief says Pakistan must stop forays into Afghanistan | Obama Floats Iraq Plan | Iraq PM Maliki: Condi Rice's comments help terrorists | 17 people killed, 47 wounded in Thursday car bombings in Baghdad | America's refusal to give Baghdad's security forces sufficient guns and equipment has cost a great number of lives, the Iraqi Prime Minister said yesterday | Pentagon "Thrift" Sale Stocks Iran, China | Frank Rich: Hillary changed Iraq policy because of Obama | Congress cannot reject the Bush escalation -- and Iraq war -- fast enough. Or often enough. | Senator Clinton: US should begin phased redeployment | At least 18 killed, 56 wounded in Kirkuk and Baghdad bombs
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Ex-Iraq reconstruction chief called to testify before House Committee | White House Staff Owe $660K in Back Taxes | Senior Bush Official Misled Congress About Oil Industry Payoff | McCain launches laughable, dishonest assault on -- that falls apart like a house of cards upon ven the most basic scrutiny | Did Arlen Specter hand the White House the power to replace prosecutors probing executive branch corruption?
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- Memphis police officers observed an attack on anti-Bush protesters but drove away and failed to intervene | FISA and the President -- together again | Arlen Specter Admits Role in Expanding WH Powers | Tony Snow Spins NSA Announcement | Atty. General Abu Gonzales: Federal Judges Are Not Qualified To Rule On National Security Policy, Should Defer to Supreme Leader Bush | Transcript: DoJ Officials Discuss NSA, FISA | Gonzales: NSA Wiretapping Now Subject to Court Approval | Gonzales Claims No Politics Behind Prosecutor Firings (Yeah, Sure...) | The Pentagon continues collecting details of protesters -- even more than previously known
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Cheap Shot Annie: NY Times' Anne Kornblut imagines Clinton may have been faking cell-phone call | HarperCollins has shut down ReganBooks shortly after firing founder Judith Regan | Mike Smerconish defends himself by saying, "I say stupid things every day" | WaPo's Dana Milbank regresses into clichéd Beltway narrative, contemplates Sen. Clinton's (nonexistent) "campaign... stumbl[e]" | CNN/ABC Glenn Beck scandal grows | Dinesh "Blame the lefty liberals for September 11th" D'Sousa gets eviscerated by Stephen Colbert | Debbie Does Litigation: Schlussel's latest bullying
FOX WATCH -- Bill O'Reilly once again blames the victim -- when will FOX finally send Commander Loofah packing? | Dick Morris takes time away from sucking his hooker's toes to falsely claim to gullible FOX viewers that Obama voted against ethics reform
WHAT A RUSH! -- Rush Limbaugh called "Barack Hussein Obama" a "half-minority"
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- White House counterterrorism official dumps Bush, joins Joe Biden's posse | The notoriously inaccurate no-fly list is at last to be check for accuracy and trimmed by the Bush administration | Top Terrorist With Links To Al Qaeda Killed In The Philippines
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- American officials: Cheney was in fact kept in loop on Israel-Syria talks despite his denials | Bush Flip-flops, Now Open to Bilateral Talks on Ties With N. Korea | Inside Iran, growing criticism of Ahmadinejad's nuclear politics | Tehran criticizes UN head over nuclear remarks | Iran's President Ahmedinijad to the West: Bring it on
UNFUNNY BU$INE$$ -- Credit card data breach at TJX could compromise millions of cards
JUSTICE WATCH -- Nutcase Michigan judge: adulterers can get life in prison
RACISM IN THE USA -- Racist republicans launch campaign against RNC chair nominee Mel Martinez
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Murder By Spreadsheet: The health "insurance" industry as it exists in this country needs to be abolished
TRASHING NATURE -- Pelosi May Create Global Warming Panel | Shocker: Evangelical, scientific leaders unite on climate change

• Barack Obama Antes Up, Announces 2008 Prez Run
More: Obama files papers for Prez exploratory committee | Sweet blog scoop: Obama morning conference call with supporters to announce White House run
• Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) breaks ranks, joins Democrats on anti-escalation resolution
• The real war against terrorist enablers -- the one in Afghanistan -- is running short of people and equipment
• Baghdad suffers its worst day of carnage in more than a month; over 100 dead
Double-talk Express; John McCain Was Against the War in Iraq Before He Was For It! | Top Commander Downplays Impact Of Escalation, No Significant Effect "Until Summer Or Fall" | Congress warns Bush over Iran | Iran gets army gear, helicopter from Pentagon sale | At Least 60 Killed, 110 Wounded In Bomb Attack Near A Baghdad University
• Abramoff pal and lobbyist Grover Norquist lobbies against Senate ethics bill
• Wrong Winner Chosen Twice by Same Voting Machine
HOT POLITICS -- Progressive Dems to Introduce "Bring the Troops Home and Iraq Sovereignty Restoration Act" | Dumbest Prez ever: "I will never be able to forgive the fat cat Republicans who had the everlasting gall to foist this mentally deficient meathead on the world" | First 100 Days: Senate to Vote on Earmark Provision | Republicans Divided: Outright Upheaval at the RNC | Ex-Reagan Navy Secretary and new Virginia senator Jim Webb to give Democratic response to SOTU | Huffpo's Melinda Henneberger: Gore Has Not Definitively Ruled Out Another Presidential Run | All but launching a presidential run, Barack Obama has added serious star power to the 2008 race -- and made history | Divided GOP Faces Tough Vote on Bush's War Plan | Oliver Willis; How do you get a guaranteed Democratic president? | Sen. Dodd Introduces Bill To Limit Number Of Troops In Iraq | Sen. Mel Martinez: The Harriet Miers of RNC chairs | NBC's David Gregory To Tony Snow: "What's An Appropriate Way To Dissent"? | Rep. Tancredo To Test Presidential Waters | McCain's AZ Constituents Give Him Fourth Place In Presidential Straw Poll | Who said, "[In] the first six years of his presidency, there's been nothing accomplished except the biggest foreign policy fiasco in the history of our country"? | Term Limits for Committee Chairs? Cons with the pros | Giuliani Hires Ex-Congressman Jim Nussle As Adviser
TRAITORGATE --Scooter Libby trial offers the public its best chance to determine whether or nor Bush players used the press as patsies and took revenge on a war critic | Time-Travel Traitorgate Trial: What the media Narrative Is Not Telling You | Scooter Libby was a top facilitator of Iraq war | Libby Lawyers: Paging Rip Van Winkle | Scooter Libby trial: Links for Day 1 blog coverage | Stock Up on Popcorn: Condi Rice, Karl Rove, George Tenet are on the Traitorgate Trial witness list -- will Dick Cheney be called too? | Traitorgate Trial Commences, Complete With Bloggers
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- Democrats complain that Team Bush is abusing little-known Patriot Act amendment that allows them to circumvent Senate with US Attorney swaps | White House Is Moving Swiftly to Replace US Attorneys Using Obscure Provision of PATRIOT Act | Sen. Dianne Feinstein speaks out on U.S. attorney firings | What Is the White House Doing to Prosecutors? | Under pressure? Carol Lam, San Diego US Attorney who prosecuted Duke Cunningham and was probing Bush appointee Kyle "Dusty" Foggo at CIA, has resigned | Jonathan Turley Reacts to Pentagon Attack on Due Process
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Senate Considers Tougher Ethics Rules | Time to revisit campaign finance reform | Yet Another Prosecutor Leaves
QWAGMIRE -- What $1.2 Trillion Can Buy | Russian Admiral: US Navy preparing missile strike on Iran | Sen. Clinton Against Troop Escalation In Iraq | Back To The Future: Iraq is a rerun of Central American atrocities | Neoconservatives Take Aim At Pentagon: Billy Kristol Calls Bob Gates's Testimony "Pretty Pathetic" | Bush is the wrong person to be talking about military volunteers | Saudi Arabia mulls sending troops to Iraq | Soldier's Wife Talks To Iraq War Architect Richard Perle: "Why Did You Think We Had To Go Into Iraq?"
OPERATION YELLOW ELEPHANT! -- The Ballad of the Yellow Berets
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM --Sentence thrown out in LA airport bomb plot | 2 Afghan citizens help prevent terror attack on US base | Cue Laugh Track: Abu Gonzales Blames Legal Challenges for Five Year Delay in Bringing Gitmo Detainees to Trial
BORDER BUNGLES -- Immigration "Identity Theft" Raids Had a Whopping 10 Percent Success Rate!
FAULTY INTELLIGENCE -- The Bush administration's choice last week of J. Michael McConnell to be director of national intelligence is a major blunder
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Ahmadinejad calls the Holocaust a "pretext" to create Israel | Rice start talks with Prince of Kuwait | Condi Rice's Short-lived Commitment To Middle East Democracy | Palestinian president to visit Lebanon next week, official says
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- What Next For Media Reform? | Big Media perpetuate the ridiculous myth that Gore claimed to have "invented" the Internet | Dinesh D'Sousa seeks to bamboozle the Freepers with another inflammatory book | Lies from the Mouse: ABC program chief falsely claimed network "didn't backpedal" on Path to 9/11 | ABC's The [One-] Note can't get enough of the Bush boy! | CNN's Resideny Bigot Glenn Beck Describes Himself As "Mr. Oreo Cookie" On Martin Luther King Day | Peter Arnett: Fired for being right | Eric Boehlert on ABC and its week of shame | Is 24's Jack Bauer a right-wing propagandist? | Keith Olbermann bestows Worst Person honors on Bill Kristol, Rush Limbaugh | CNN reportedly considering talk show for Michael "Nation of Sissies" Smerconish | Despite reports to the contrary, the idiots at MSNBC persisted in linking Clinton postponement to Obama | How dare that Colbert ruin our meal? White House Correspondents Association wants Bush-friendlier dinner this year | Howard Fineman reports gleefully on GOP divisions if not outright meltdown | On 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley used GOP-favored "Democrat [as opposed to the proper 'Democratic'] leadership"
FOX WATCH -- Sean Hannity changes his weekly "Enemy of the State" to "Enemy of the Week"
$MIRKONOMICS -- Bush to Dems: Fix my fiscal disaster
DISASTROUS RESPONSE -- LA-Sen: Lieberman stabs ally Landrieu in the back
JUSTICE WATCH -- The rightwing assault on the legal system continues apace -- first, Cully Stimpson, now mass firings of prosecutors | Bush Shifts Nominee for Appeals Court to Avoid Embarrassing Congressional Smackdown
RACISM IN THE USA -- Flying while looking like a foreigner: American Airlines loses "terrorist" lawsuit | A VA state legislator who said blacks "should get over" slavery and questioned whether Jews should apologize "for killing Christ" is getting hammered by critics
TRASHING NATURE -- Bush Administration Denies Rumor That It Will Announce Plans To Fight Global Warming In State Of The Union

• Maliki Ignores the Decider: U.S. and Iraqis Are Wrangling Over War Plans
Progressive Democrats Call Junior On His "Surge!" Bluff | Bush has not listened -- and is not listening -- on Iraq, and a prominent Democrat hints that it will cost him | Bob Gates jacks up the war rhetoric | So the "surge" planning began November 7th of last year... | Krugman on the surge: "[Bush is] Charles Keating, using other people's money to keep Lincoln Savings going long after it should have been shut down" | Bob Gates warns Iran to be constructive in Iraq, Lebanon | Bush Iraq advisor Frederick Kagan is an Unqualified Fraud: Read His CV Here | Bush"s New Iraq Plan Facing Fiercest Resistance From Iraqi Government | NYT: Newly revealed orders issued by Bush show US opened front against Iran in Iraq | Bush Going For Broke With Troop Surge
• Scooter Libby's trial starts tomorrow, "will put on display the secret strategizing of an administration that cherry-picked information to justify war in Iraq and reporters who traded freely in gossip and protected their own interests"
Dick Cheney, Tim Russert, Ari Fleischer, Robert Novak, Bob Woodward Expected to Testify in Traitorgate Trial | Fresh perspectives, gut reactions promised by Traitorgate trial livebloggers | Potential Jurors To Be Asked About Feelings On Cheney, Iraq, Mark Foley, Abramoff Scandal
Radar: Why Are The Pundits Who Pushed For Iraq Now Being Rewarded And Recognized More Than Ever?
HOT POLITICS -- First 100 hours: Senate passes legislation stripping convicted lawmakers of pensions | Sen. Wayne Allard (R-CO) Will Not Seek 3rd Term | What Allard's retirement means | Does Wayne Allard Have More Integrity Than Susan Collins? | Nothing scared conservatives more than the great progressive Martin Luther King Jr. | In six years in office, President Bush has found a lot of things to be unacceptable – most recently, the situation in Iraq | John Edwards: "Silence Is Betrayal, And I Believe It Is A Betrayal Not To Speak Out Against The Escalation Of The War In Iraq" | What do you mean, your opponents don't have any plans for Iraq, mr. Bush? | Listen to Sen. John Edwards' Riverside Church speech here | At least 15 killed and 70 wounded in another day of Baghdad violence | Democrats stake out the New Middle | Castro reportedly in grave condition | Al Gore Says it Again: He's Not Running [Or Not] | Chris Dodd joins Biden in calling for South Carolina to get rid of the slaver flag of treason on state property | Democratic National Committee slams McCain for pandering to the far right on MLK day | The US Has Become Irrelevant in Iraq | Joe Biden Wants Confederate Slaver Flag of Treason Off SC Statehouse Grounds | 2008 kickoff: Hillary Clinton aide attacks John Edwards | On MTP,Chuck Hagel smacks down Lieberman on Iraq mess | Gerald Ford ripped Reagan in interviews | Bush's Iraq Reconstruction Money "Symbolic, At Best"
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Charles D. Stimson should be fired immediately, and if the White House won't, the Congress should investigate his activities | White House Pushes Out Another Prosecutor | Yeah baby! NY top legislative republican Joe Bruno got free strip-club visit from pal whose biz he helped | Doolittle: My Wife Quit before I Fired Her | Officials Covered Up Oil Lease Problems, IG Says
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- Dick Cheney Ex-Aide Scooter Libby Worked for "Terror-loving Law Firm" | House Intelligence Committee plans review of CIA/Pentagon domestic spying program
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Keith Olbermann runs through Bush, Cheney and Bolton's Sunday talk show appearances and how increasingly disconnected from reality they are becoming | Dan Riehl, possibly the most ridiculous rightie blogger today, pops a hemorrhoid over Rod Dreher's apostasy | KSFO's hate radio queen Melanie Morgan: "I wouldn't describe Friday's show as apologetic by any means" | "I Like Makin' Decisions": The Bush interview that 60 Minutes did not transcribe | The moronic hosts of GOP-connected radio station KSFO get big yuks calling for "traitors" in the press to be killed -- all brought to you by Disney | Picking Spocko's Brain: How the blogger came to take on KSFO | The KSFO Implosion Shakes Loose Haters Too Too Chicken to Sign Own Rants | Bush hasn't hit 50 in the usually GOP-friendly Gallup Poll since May of 2005 -- and the media has their own agenda on that story... | CNN host Glenn Beck uses anti-black slur on the air | Melanie Morgan: Poster Child for Culture of Fake Victimization | Honey, AP shrunk the Republicans | NY Times Joins Right-wing Outlets in Twisting Boxer's Comments, Ignoring White House Delinquency in New Iraq Plan
FOX WATCH -- FOX Affiliate Shows Video Of Obama Rally During Sex-Offender Story
QWAGMIRE -- The Twisted Logic of a Wider Mideast War | 35,000 Iraqi civilians killed last year, 37,000 wounded | Well, Mister War Secretary Gates, maybe it is because the US really IS bogged down in Iraq... | Calling all right wing naysayers: your hero, John Bolton, now calls the Iraq situation a Civil War | Execution Video Shown To Reporters...Saddam's Half-Brother Decapitated by Hanging | Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) shows how to actually support troops, not just talk about it | Civil War Poisoning The Next Generation Of Iraqis | Bush officials are finally coming to grips with reality in Iraq. Circa 2003 | "The jihad now is against the Shias, not the Americans" | Afghan intelligence agents say they have arrested a leading spokesman for the Taliban near the Pakistan border | Pakistan says it killed up to 30 militants | Botched Iraqi hanging turned "beheading" brings more denunciations | WSJ: 50 Active-Duty Officers To Deliver Petition Against More Iraq Troops To Congress | Israelis, Syrians reach secret understandings -- close to peace agreement -- without US help | Bush's rallying cry speech backfired | Poll: 94% believe US troops will still be in Iraq when Bush leaves office | Claim: Saddam hanging was PM Maliki's wedding present to daughter | NATO soldier killed, several wounded in southern Afghanistan | Maybe we should send Musharraf the Minutemen: Strict border control also in Afghanistan's interest, says Pakistan
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Pipe bomb found attached to federal witness' car | Six Muslim men on trial over attempted London train blasts
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- US nuclear negotiator to visit Beijing for talks on North Korea | Doctor Dilettante: Condi Rice offers no Mid-East breakthrough after third trip | Iran announces nuclear expansion to 3,000 centrifuges
$MIRKONOMICS -- ING issues warning on strike against Iran
TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION -- US comptroller says US taxes would have to double to pay for Bush budget in 2040
JUSTICE WATCH -- So Dana Rohrabacher says the justice system is our enemy
GUNS! GUNS!! GUNS!!! -- A new study out of Harvard links two troubling trends: firearms ownership and the homicide rate
OH, GOD! -- via skippy: Religious Blarney From Deepest Kearny
RACISM IN THE USA -- Is Islamophobia the new anti-Semitism?
HEALTH DEBACLES -- Bush to veto Medicare legislation
TRASHING NATURE -- The Greening of the Right | Evangelical leaders join scientists to fight global warming

• The Bush Administration is offering an incomplete, oversimplified and possibly untrue version of events in explaining their reasons for sending more American troops to Iraq
• Has Bush ordered secret war against Iran, Syria?
• Bush on 60 Minutes: I’m sending more troops to Iraq and Congress can kiss my ass
Krugman on the surge: "[Bush is] Charles Keating, using other people’s money to keep Lincoln Savings going long after it should have been shut down" | Bush Iraq advisor Frederick Kagan is an Unqualified Fraud: Read His CV Here | Bush"s New Iraq Plan Facing Fiercest Resistance From Iraqi Government | NYT: Newly revealed orders issued by Bush show US opened front against Iran in Iraq | Bush Going For Broke With Troop Surge | Bush officials are finally coming to grips with reality in Iraq. Circa 2003 | "It is obvious that {Bush and his minions] are trying to provoke Iran into some kind of Gulf of Tonkin incident" | Bush’s New Plan Hinges On Rehiring Saddam Loyalists, Marginalized Sunnis, Other Former Opponents | Bush Iraq advisor Fred Kagan "is not an expert on insurgency, civil war, or stability ops"
• Henry Crumpton, ex-CIA operative: "We’re Going to Get Hit"
• Christianist Ayatollah James Dobson on John McCain: "I pray that we won’t get stuck with him"
• A new attack on mainstream churches is bankrolled by Richard Scaife and Howard Ahmanson -- and propagandized by Sun Myung Moon’s so-called newspaper
HOT POLITICS -- John Edwards: "Silence Is Betrayal, And I Believe It Is A Betrayal Not To Speak Out Against The Escalation Of The War In Iraq" | What do you mean, your opponents don’t have any plans for Iraq, mr. Bush? | Listen to Sen. John Edwards’ Riverside Church speech here | Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH10): If Bush attacks Iran, "all bets are off" -- and impeachment is on the table | On MTP,Chuck Hagel smacks down Lieberman on Iraq mess | Gerald Ford ripped Reagan in interviews | Bush’s Iraq Reconstruction Money "Symbolic, At Best" | Republican Presidential Campaign Roundup | "Unexpected Coolness" Towards Obama From Civil Rights Activists | Will Obama Announce This Week? | Obama And McCain Debate The Troop Surge | New Farm Bill Divides Bush and Lawmakers | It’s worth talking about the Second Hundred Hours | GOP "scared spitless" over the politics of the Iraqistan war -- but not the war itself
BIG-BROTHER-GATE -- House Intelligence Committee plans review of CIA/Pentagon domestic spying program | Bob Gates warns Iran to be constructive in Iraq, Lebanon | Isn’t this what used to happen along the Berlin Wall?
QWAGMIRE -- Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) shows how to actually support troops, not just talk about it | Civil War Poisoning The Next Generation Of Iraqis | "The jihad now is against the Shias, not the Americans" | NATO soldier killed, several wounded in southern Afghanistan | Maybe we should send Musharraf the Minutemen: Strict border control also in Afghanistan’s interest, says Pakistan | Five Iranians Arrested In US Raid In Northern Iraq Linked To Iraqi Insurgency | Abbas Says No to Temporary Palestinian State
CULTURE OF CORRUPTION -- Yeah baby! NY top legislative republican Joe Bruno got free strip-club visit from pal whose biz he helped | Ahmed Chalabi still in charge of de-Baathification in Iraq
WAR CRIMES -- Iraq lawmaker claims Iraqi soldier executed civilians in raid with US troops looking on
WIDE WORLD OF TERRORISM -- Pipe bomb found attached to federal witness’ car
DIPLOMATIC MALPRACTICE -- Sen. Hillary Clinton Meets With Afghanistan President Karzai, U.S. Troops | Rice competes with herself on Mideast mission
MEDIA CORRUPTION -- Picking Spocko’s Brain: How the blogger came to take on KSFO | Eleanor Clift supports Barbara Boxer’s questioning of Condi Rice | NY Times Joins Right-wing Outlets in Twisting Boxer’s Comments, Ignoring White House Delinquency in New Iraq Plan | Glenn "Instafascist"Reynolds chooses to mischaracterize what Oliver Willis reads | Time Inc. Axing 150 Jobs At Its Best-Known Magazines
FOX WATCH -- Calling Brent Bozell! More anti-family TV obscenity -- and you’ll never guess who broadcast it!
GUNS! GUNS!! GUNS!!! -- A new study out of Harvard links two troubling trends: firearms ownership and the homicide rate
TRASHING NATURE -- Evangelical leaders join scientists to fight global warming | Will Bush make a climate U-turn?

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